Moshe takes his leave of the Children of Israel. He is now 120 years old and will not lead them across the Jordan River. They should nevertheless remain strong and courageous. Moshe summons Yehoshua and instructs him to not be afraid, for G-d will be with him. Moshe writes out the entire Torah and gives it to the Kohanim.
At the end of the seven year cycle when all the Israelites come to Jerusalem for Succoth, the king should read out the book of Devarim to them. This is in order that everyone will hear, learn and fear G-d and be careful to perform all the words of the Torah.
G-d tells Moshe that his days are coming to an end, and tells him to summon Yehoshua to the tent of meeting. G-d appears to them both and tells them that the Jews will eventually turn to other gods, and therefore be punished with the curses mentioned. However eventually they will return to serve G-d and recognise the reason for their punishment. The Torah should be placed in the ark along with the tablets that Moshe received on Mount Sinai as a testimony to G-d's covenant. Moshe once again gathers the people and speaks to them the words of this song: