Tzimtzum, Existence and Machlokes

I just gave this shiur which I think is essential listening.

We begin with the argument between Rambam and the Kalam in Moreh Nevuchim, then move on to a basic description of the AriZal's concept of tzimtzum which explains how G-d created the world, and allows for the interaction of the infinite with the finite. Finally we look at the two main interpretations of tzimtzum - the Vilna Gaon and the Baal HaTanya. They argue about whether tzimtzum is meant literally, or metaphorically. In other words, does the world really exist, or is it an illusion? is science real and of value, or illusory and heresy? do we have free choice, or is that only an illusion?

You can download the shiur here:

and these are the sources that go with the shiur:
Existence pdf

Download, listen, enjoy and please share your thoughts with me.