Kashrut links

Here are links to the shiurim on Kashrut given at Midreshet Rachel v'Chaya.
Please use them only as refernce materials, and not for deciding Halacha (that's what Rabbis are for).
Please DO send me any comments or corrections. There are many mistakes (typos, editorial, content etc.). One of the reasons that I put these up on the web (apart from as a service to you the reader) is to try and correct them. Please send your comments to me at rabbisedley@gmail.com or use the messages on this page.
Thank you. Your feedback is appreciated.


Kashering dishes 1

Kashering dishes 2

Kashering dishes 3

Meat and Milk 1

Meat and Milk 2

Meat and Milk 3

Tevilat Keilim

Non-Jewish foods 1

Non-Jewish foods 2

Checking for Bugs

Taking Challah

Terumah and Ma'aser

Dangerous Foods 1

Dangerous Foods 2