Positive Mitzvot of Shabbat

Here are the source sheets for Elul Z'man at Midreshet Rachel. They cover the basics of the positive mitzvot of Shabbat. There are many typos in the sheets, and I would greatly appreciate it if readers would send me corrections that I need to make (and I will even try to make those corrections).
Thank you

REMEMBER: These aer source sheets and not intended as final p'sak halacha. You should always ask your local Orthodox Rabbi for halachic advice (or e-mail me)


Preparing for Shabbat

Lighting Candles

Kiddush part 1

Kiddush part 2

Se'udah Shlishit

Shnaim Mikra v'Echad Targum and Torah Reading

Havdalah part 1

Havdalah part 2

Havdalah part 3